Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My first blog's inspiration!

Well, I have to hand it to my oldest daughter Kylie.  If it weren't for her and her blogs, I would not be writing this very first published blog on this website.  Yay!  At just a few months before her 17th birthday, she is already a seasoned and accomplished blogger.  Blogger?  Is that the right terminology?  Admittedly, at age 45, I'm not sure about all of this stuff.  I guess I'll learn as I go (and I'll learn as I get constructive feedback from my readers).  Readers?  What a dreamer I am.

Kylie says that each blog should be at least 300 words long and it could be as long as I want it to be.  That is probably not the best thing that she could tell me.  The most prevalent comment on my papers in college and graduate school from my professors and advisors was, "Economize!"  Yes, folks, I can be quite long-winded in my written (and probably also my oral) communication.  What can I say?  I have a lot to say. 

But, in the spirit of economy, I will end my very first blog now.  This will give me the encouragement and motivation to write my second blog.  Thanks, Kylie.  You are my inspiration.  Keep up the good work on your blog.  For those interested in reading a real blog, go to http://kygirl12.blogspot.com.  My kid really knows what she's doing.  You know?  You can learn a lot from a teenager.